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For the general discussion of games & gaming.

Please try to keep the conversation on-topic. If you see a flamewar brewing, do not add to it.

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Please put any and all gaming news that is considered NSFW behind a NSFW cut, with warning in the title of the cut.

You may discuss emulation and torrents but do not link to them.

If you need help with a particular game, go to gamefaqs.

Posts with referral ids will be deleted. Shameless LJ community promotions are not allowed. Moderators of gamers will add gaming related communities to the userinfo on mailed request, at their discretion. Guild recruitment is allowed.

If you need to edit your post, you can do so by going to the comments page and clicking on the pencil icon.

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Repeat offenders will be banned.


Ebay auctions and the like should go to videogame_mart.

Computer questions/problems should be asked in communities like tech_support, hardware, or computerhelp.

If your ps2 is broken, check the memories or just follow this guide to fix it.

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