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June 2019



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stainsteelrat in gamers

Hi folks,

I have a confession, I like singing games.

So far I've only bought some of the Singstars for the PS2, but having just spotted Lips for the 360 I'm curious as to whether it's any good. There are no reviews on Metacritic, and the user score is a bit low. No reviews on Amazon(.co.uk) either.

Anyone got it, or know anything about it?



We don't seem to have Karaoke Revolution in the UK, unless they've renamed it Karaoke Stage. Any ideas how it compares with Singstar?

I've bought Lips anyway, as if it's just like Singstar that's enough for me.
I'd say that Karaoke Stage *is* Karaoke Revolution, seeing in Europe Dance Dance Revolution was renamed Dancing Stage, and is made by the same people.
That was my thinking also. Any idea how they compare with Singstar?
I'm not sure that Karaoke Stage is supported with an online store in Europe; certainly doubt that it would be as extensive as Singstar. Lips has a much better chance of being supported with DLC; plus it has those neato wireless, light-up, motion-sensitive mics!
Not exactly relevant to singing games, but a little heads up. It seems that people on Metacritic get a kick out of giving low user ratings before the games come out. I saw it happen on Gears of War 2 before it was released.

You shouldn't trust the user scores on Metacritic for a while after it releases, so the people that played it can tip the balance back to normal.
Interesting, thanks for the info!
I vote for the Karaoke Revolution series too. I dunno how the American Idol game is, but it seems to be along the same lines and I believe has duets too. And I'm pretty sure you can use the Singstar mics for the KR series.
As above, I'm not sure Karaoke Revolution is out in the UK, unless it has been renamed Karaoke Stage. The latter certainly isn't popular here as it's the first time I've heard of it. Singstar is very popular.

I've bought Lips anyway on a whim, and will post about it on my LJ when I've had a chance to play it properly.